New Releases

Every year, more than 20% of our sales revenue has been put back into the research and development of X-SENSE products, to establish a global high-quality R&D team. Now, the remarkable products of X-SENSE covering full ranges of Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Combination Alarms & other Fire Alarm products, help X-SENSE acquire more market shares. More importantly, every quarter there are numerous new releases debuted from the X-SENSE factory to online and offline markets to support business partners and match the needs of end users.

One of our new releases in June 2016

Why so many new releases from X-SENSE? 

X-SENSE is a renowned brand and highly recognized by our customer base. Our company has been investing in a rigorous product testing systems that provide customers the most secure and reliable products. Our products success is grounded on cooperating with leading research institutions and equipment manufacturers and simulating usage environment to strictly test new releases before mass production. Moreover, X-SENSE's new releases are always adhering to customer demands and international standards.

X-SENSE values high quality products and satisfied users. Please contact us for any questions on newly released products: